Home Building Skills Partnership

Our aims

Over its first four years, it is hoped the Partnership programmes will engage with thousands of companies, workers, colleges and training providers.

The Partnership's focus is to:

  • Develop an improved public identity for homebuilding
  • Influence the development of a more professional, fully trained workforce
  • Increase productivity and the value added per employee
  • Improve the quality and relevance of industry training
  • Co-ordinate the tackling of common workforce challenges
  • Influence and leverage investment in skills to the benefit of the homebuilding industry

To achieve this, the Partnership is examining three main areas:

  • Attract – how to attract new entrants into the industry.
  • Skills and development – how the industry trains its staff.
  • Supporting supply chain development – the training interface with subcontractors.

For each of these areas, the Partnership has set up an activity group that will focus on shaping individual workstreams and pushing work forwards to ensure the Partnership is functioning to its full capacity.

To do this we need to make the Partnership sustainable so that we ensure the longevity of the project past the four-year timescale of the CITB grant.

Ultimately, the objective is to instigate a shift in culture and behaviour at all levels of the home building industry – from the major house builders, right through to SMEs. Together we can achieve that.